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Hello and welcome to hexcryptocurrency.com - your information hub for everything that has to do with Hex crypto.

Who am I?

I'm Warren Lee, the HEX Intellect...

I'm just a guy living on an island and loving investing in Richard Heart cryptocurrencies, hoping that it sets me up for financial success in the coming years.

I am not a "HEX OG", I've just began investing in HEX in June of 2021, I don't have a huge bag of HEX but I've dollar cost averaged what I could afford to invest over the months after the bills were paid and the wife was happy.

I am not rich, but I believe that I will be in a couple of years. I'm not depending solely on my investments, I continue busting my butt creating website cntent that might just become some of your favorite to read. So stick around and let's have success together!